What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a high-tech sport where players wearing computerized vests and handheld "phasers" attempt to achieve a winning score by tagging opponent players & base stations within a playing arena or maze.

How do you play Laser Tag?

After players put on their game vests, the game is started by the central computer and the players move into the arena. After about 5 seconds, the vests are activated allowing each player to fire their phaser at opponent vests and arena devices such as base stations, in a background of music. Each vest has sensors on the phaser, the shoulders, the back and the front. Tagging these areas will award points to the attacking player while deactivating the opponent player for approx. 5 seconds. After the game is over, the vests shutdown automatically and the players return to the kit-up room. Score information is downloaded from the vests to the central computer, realtime, where the scores are calculated and individual player scores are displayed on a large LCD screen. 

How long does it take to play a game?

Each game consists of 15 minutes of actual play time. Before your first game, one gets to see a 2 minute briefing video where operation of vests, phasors, arena devices, rules and safety procedures of Laser Tag are explained.

Are there any age restrictions for playing LaserTag?

Due to vest sizes & dark arena, we have a minimum age limit of 5 years. There is no maximum age limit to play Laser Tag!


Laser Tag can be played at your own pace. There is no reason to be rushing around the arena (we actively discourage this!), so as long as you are comfortable doing some quiet walking , which may involve going up some ramps, then you are probably fit enough to play!

Is LaserTag played in the dark?

Laser Tag is played in a "dark, visually exciting" arena and is lit with blacklights which highlight the fluorescent theme in the arena.

Are protective glasses required to play?

No. Laser Tag is a safe game and the equipment used has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety around the world.

What other protective clothing is required?

We insist on players having proper shoes. Slip ons, chappals and bare feet are not permitted. No other special clothing is needed as LaserTag is a non-contact sport.

Can we play LaserTag as a team?

Yes, Laser Tag may be played either as an individual (solo) game or as a team game. 

I have played Paintball - does LaserTag also hurt when you are hit by another player?

Absolutely not! Laser Tag is a non-contact game and does not hurt like paintball.

Do you have a range of different game formats?

Yes, we have a number of different game formats such as team, solo, vampire

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